Friday, June 02, 2006

Connie Parts: Check Murphs First!

While tearing into my carbs to free up the stuck float needle valves, I ripped one of the rubber tips. In calling around for this part (16030-1007), I was getting prices in the neighborhood of $30! (If you can see this part, you might guess that it's worth $0.50, but never $30!).

Well, I was just about to hit Submit on an order with, when I decided to see if would have it. As it turns out, they sell this part along with other parts in a Carb Rebuild kit. The price of an individual kit: $20 shipped! I opted for the 4-kit option, so that I can just replace parts in all 4 carbs. This was $65 shipped.

Unbelievable how the dealerships (or rather, their distributors) can screw you on this pricing. Thanks Murph!