Friday, June 16, 2006

TechEd Party: Train

Microsoft rented Finway Park last night for the Attendee Party. The main event was a concert put on by Train (you know, Drops of Jupiter, etc).

At one point, the lead singer (Patrick Monahan) invited women from the crowd to dance on the First Base dugout where the stage was set up. Two things were particularly interesting about this:

First, Josh's wife was one of the dancers (he promises that the dancing video will show up on his blog, which is probably a welcomed break for Drew Robbins, who usually gets that honor).

Secondly, towards the end of the song, two girls fell off of the side of the dugout and they had to stop the concert while medics attended to them! As Keith Elder and I were walking to a T-Stop last night, we stopped at a McDonalds and ran into some folks from Florida (Air Force) who had it on video. One of the guys emailed it to me this morning, so I'll take a look to see what exactly you can see, because I missed it myself.

(I've asked him to post the video to so that everyone can see it--if anyone else has video from last night, please do the same).

It was during that break in the concert that I ran into Keith while getting more to drink. Before that, I was sitting pretty far up in the stands. He invited me back to his section where everyone was standing anyways. It was on the center-left part of the stage, and only about 10-rows back, so I got a much better view of the show from that point forward. (So, in some kind of twisted way, I'd like to thank those girls for falling off of the stage... I certainly hope that they are okay, though).

UPDATE: ChavisC uploaded it to youtube!