Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TechEd Day 2 Update

Just a handful of updates:

  • Last evening, there was a reception in the Exhibit area. Microsoft planted food and beverages all throughout the event sponsors, so you had to walk through the maze of booths in order to get food.

  • Something that is particularly funny is that Mark Miller of Developer Express had lost his voice, yet was still at the DevEx booth giving the CodeRush/Refactor! demo. His booth babe was providing the voice while Mark provided the keystrokes. But, Mark would always want the presentation to go a certain way, so he was constantly whispering commands to the other guy. It was HALARIOUS! (Might not be funny if you don't know who Mark Miller is, but just be aware that he likes to talk).
    This morning, I hit a Sharepoint session that Ted Pattison gave. Wow, what an excellent presenter. It also made me a little more excited about the new features of 3.0 (Sharepoint 2007).

  • I'm doing a lot of walking around the convention, popping in and out of different sessions and chalk-talks. For the second day in a row, I caught the tail end of Scott Hanselman's powershell talk (what a powerful shell that thing is!).

  • I met up with Chuck Boyce today, and we talked for a bit and then ate lunch together (the food here is not all that great, for those playing along at home).

  • I have a few sessions this afternoon that I'm going to hit, not so much for the content as for the opportunity to see certain presenters.