Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NetFX 3.0 Kool-Aid

It's funny what kind of reactions you get when you casually bring up the whole "WinFX is now combined with the .NET Framework, and now it's going to be version 3.0" thing.

Now, this is in no way scientific, but in all of the conversations that I've had with people on this subject, it's overwhelmingly obvious that the blue badges are drinking the company's Kool-Aid, while the folks in the field that I've talked to (MVPs, RDs, fellow developers) are not as convinced about the merits of this move.

Bill Evjen (which I learned is pronounced EH-vee-on, like the water Evian) said last night that he doesn't support the move of the WinFX APIs into the Framework at all. Jeff Julian is thinking more like me in that the major version number change is inappropriate, regardless of what level of additional functionality that the new APIs add to the BCL. There were other opinions from the floor, but to my point, I haven't found a non-MS developer that has said that this was a great idea (but I'll continue to ask people today).