Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Over

We spent a good part of Saturday at the actual Twins Day Festival (previous post). Friday night was just a registration check-in, weiner roast, and party. Saturday was the festival itself, which was a lot like a street fair, only with better concessions than what we see around Toledo.

Weird story about Friday, though: We arrived and parked, and then a minivan with another couple (and their twin boys) parked beside us. We walked to the registration line with them following behind us, made some small talk with the wife, and then we disappeared into the weiner roast/party.

I later went back to the van to drop some things off and grab some juice, or something. This other couple arrived back to their van, and saw that I had a Toledo Zoo membership sticker in my window. They asked where I lived, and then stated that his brother lives in the Toledo area also. We introduced ourselves (he was Bob, she was some name that I forget). In an unprecedented moment, I asked what his brother's name was, just in case I knew him. Turned out to be John. Bob and John.... Boy, this guy standing in front of me sure looks familiar....

Then it dawned on me: I worked with Bob at a Boy Scout summer camp in 1992! John was his twin brother (so putting the names together is what activated the neurons storing that fact in my long-term memory banks). Both he and his brother knew my wife, too, and when she arrived back at the van a short while later, we all talked for a bit.

Just a strange coincidence that he arrived the same time as us, and was going to leave at the same time that I happened to be back at the van. Also, it's really out of character for me to ask what his brother's name was, which without that fact, I would have never made the connection.

Sunday was spent at the Cleveland Zoo (exhibits were about the same quality as Toledo Zoo, but the property is larger with some serious terrain/elevation changes) before heading home.