Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Ghosthunters (TAPS) Were In New London, CT

Ghost Hunters (Sci-Fi Channel, Wednesdays at 8PM and 9PM) is one of my favorite television shows. I've always been fascinated by the paranormal, and these guys do a pretty good job of trying to capture proof while at the same time, not being afraid to throw out evidence if it's the least bit ambiguous or questionable.

I do take issue with the show's need of some additional technical review before being aired, because I catch inaccuracies in some of the things they say. (Example from tonight: EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, not Frequency. The casual observer would not have caught that, but I'm just anal about little things like that). So, Sci-Fi Channel: Call me--I'd be glad to help. ;-)

Getting back on topic...

Tonight, they visited Ledge Light, a lighthouse in the harbor of New London, CT (3 white, 1 red flash every 30 seconds for anyone near the harbor). No ghosts were found (seems to be a trend with this show). But, New London, CT.... Hmm, that's interesting.

The Godfather of podcasting himself, Carl "Buzz" Franklin, records .NET Rocks and Mondays from his studio in New London. (I became a big fan of Carl's due to trying to catch up on 100 episodes of DNR over the span of 10 weeks).

So, like mixing peanut butter with chocolate, here were two different elements of my life coming together for a brief moment in time, and it was all good for me!

Update 10/06/2005: How cool to discover that on MSN search, this post became a #2 result for the show, right behind the official TAPS homepage. Well, it's #2 if you spell Ghost Hunters as one word instead of how Sci-Fi spells it, which is two words. (I only found out because I started seeing a lot of hits in my stats from people using search terms "ghosthunters taps).

Like I said above, I'm a huge fan of the show (shoutz out to Jay and Grant and team), and next week's episode even takes place about 2 hours drive from my home (at the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio--the same place where Shawshank Redemption was filmed, as well as a scene from Air Force One).