Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Guitar Skillz

I've had a couple conversations with people where we've discussed guitars, and the fact that I'm teaching myself how to play. I hope I haven't misled anyone, because I actually kind of stink at playing right now. I mean, I only learned what a "G" chord was at the beginning of this year.

Someone asked me last night what style do I play. I didn't have a definitive answer at that time, but now I can say:

I basically play anything that uses combinations of G-D-Em-C.

And that's not saying much..... Though, it does let me strum through the chords of a lot of rock songs!

The one song that I do know, and can actually play pretty well, is "Be Like That" by Three Doors Down. Pretty easy song with one-string-at-a-time finger picking, and then G-D-Em-C chords (in that order) for the chorus, and some Am-Asus-C-Cmaj7 type things thrown in to make it interesting.