Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NWNUG Presentation

I gave the presentation last night on SQL Server 2005 to my local .NET user group. There was a great turn out, with I think 30 people total. The reviews that were collected at the end were all positive.

In retrospect, there was really too much content. But, it's hard to pick what should and should not be included because you just don't know when something is going to be of particular interest to an audience member.

I could have easily trimmed down the second half (SQLCLR), though, to make it a little less awkward. I was constantly jumping between PowerPoint and a VirtualPC to demonstrate code, and at times, the VirtualPC had swapped out some of my running programs to virtual memory, so there were awkward pauses while programs resumed, or previously-JIT'ed programs were re-JIT'ed.

If I were to give the same presentation again, I would take out the part about CLR Triggers and would even consider taking out User-Defined Types. Less is more, and in this case, it would have given the audience an even more enjoyable experience because I wouldn't have had to rush the end of the presentation.

In other news, I now have a presentation on "SQL Server 2005 T-SQL and SQLCLR" if anyone needs a speaker... ;-)

And, thanks go out to Scott Hanselman for pointing out ZoomIn on his Presentation Tips page. It turned out to be a really useful tool for allowing audience members to see small text. When I started using it, one person asked if it was something new in SQL Management Studio!