Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lightbulb Just Burned Out

Our range hood (above the stove) has a light in addition to the exhaust fan. That location serves as a convenient night light, so we tended to just leave it on all of the time (at first by accident, and then because we were used to always having a light there).

The problem was that we were only getting a couple weeks worth of life out of regular light bulbs, and only days worth out of discount light bulbs.

Three years ago, we bought one of those long-life florescent-tube-bent-into-same-size-as-incandescent-bulb light bulbs, and have left it burning 24/7 (it only uses like 5-watts, and provides same light output as a regular 60-watt bulb). Well, tonight, it finally died.

Three years, and 1/12 of the power consumption. Not a bad investment of what was $9 at the time (now they're like $3-5).