Monday, August 29, 2005

SQL Server 2005 NWNUG Presentation

Tomorrow evening (August 30, 2005 6PM), I will be presenting to the local .NET user group (NWNUG) on new features in SQL Server 2005.

It will be crammed with content, so beware! There won't be enough time to fully explore everything (which could easily be a week's worth of training), but the goal is to provide a taste of a lot of the new things that developers are interested in.


  • T-SQL Enhancements (Large Value Types, Row Overflow Handling, XML Data Type, TOP/TABLESAMPLE, PIVOT/UNPIVOT, Ranking Functions, and Common Table Expressions)
  • SQLCLR (Stored Procedures, User-Defined Functions, Triggers, User-Defined Aggregates, and User-Defined Types)
  • ZMachine Demonstration (ZMachine engine running in SQLCLR, exposed through CLR Stored Procedures and HTTP SOAP Endpoints)

The presentation is geared towards a technical audience, but don't let that stop you from attending! Greg has some good door prizes, and I got my company to provide some swag from their marketing closet (tchotchkes with our logo on them).