Sunday, November 20, 2005

XBox 360 Pictures

The brown box contained a game (Kameo), the XBox 360, and a note saying that the game that I selected originally will arrive separately in the mail.

I carefully opened the lid of the XBox, and this is what I first saw.

I remove the unit itself, exposing some documentation.

In the bottom of the box is all of the goodies. That long green thing at the top is the power supply block, and it's huge! Also included was a CAT-5 cable, a wireless controller, a IR remote, a headset/microphone that plugs into the controller, and A/V cables.

At the top of the rear of the XBox is a connector for A/V (supports both TV and HDTV). The I/O section has a 10/100 Ethernet jack, and a USB-2.0 jack (which the wireless network adapter would plug into).

I tried plugging in a SMC USB WiFi adapter that I had, but no luck--it didn't detect it. I did notice that they gave some instructions on the screen for configuring their own WiFi adapter, and it includes running software on a XP machine to load something onto a USB flash stick which you then transfer to the XBox. I may play with that to see what files it creates.

Unlike the old XBox, there are no dedicated connectors for hard-wired controllers--every controller is wireless. However, in the front at the bottom are two more USB-2.0 connections.

The fabled Hard Drive! It snaps onto the top of the unit. It is a sealed unit, but it is only big enough to contain a laptop-sized HDD.

Here's where the hard drive unit snaps in.