Thursday, November 03, 2005

San Francisco Bound!

I'm now officially on vacation from work for the next week and a half. First on my agenda: take care of some outstanding things at work tomorrow. ;)

Then I fly to San Francisco, and will spend the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday trying to keep myself occupied in a strange city all by myself. I hope to make it out to Alcatraz on Sunday morning--that would be too cool.

I've got a prior engagement on Sunday night, so I'll be missing the .NET Rocks party, which is only blocks from where I will be. :(

The thought of skipping my event and attending Carl's crossed my mind, but I figured that would be a bad idea, since the event that I am attending is paying my way out there. ;)

Then I'll attend the Launch Event on Monday! Yay! But, I won't get to party too long afterwards, because I need to catch a 10:25PM flight back to Detroit (arriving o'dark-hundred), pick up a rental car, and head to the Detroit version of the same Launch Event. Yay!

You'll find me in Detroit on 11/8 at both the Users Group booth and also in the Ask the Experts area (but, unfortunately, not at the same time [grin]). Stop by and say hello!