Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh, So That's Why You Change Strings!

I bought some new strings today for my guitar.

Being self-taught and all, I really didn't know that you are supposed to periodically replace all of the strings (like monthly, if not more often). I had just thought that you only replaced them when they broke. Silly me.

I did notice after having my guitar for about a month that the tone really started to become dull. That should have told me that it was time for a string change, but I just thought that my playing was getting worse! Again, silly me.

My new strings: Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Light.

The great bright tone that I loved when I first picked up this guitar is back! And, being coated, these strings are supposed to last longer and keep the squeaking down. They were a little more expensive ($15 at Guitar Center), so we'll see how long they last.