Saturday, November 05, 2005

San Francisco, Day 1

I walked around San Francisco this afternoon. Actually, I walked up Powell Street to the piers. And when I say up, I really mean UP Powell Street. Did you know that someone put a big hill in between the bay and Union Square?

I hope this guy's parking brake works:

Anyways, I bought my ticket for a trip to Alcatraz tomorrow. I had to do it. I'm a big fan of haunted places and that genre of television (i.e., Ghost Hunters on SciFi).

All-in-all, I don't think that I would ever like to live in San Francisco. I'm just too much of a sub-urban person. Not too sure that I like the left coast either. Did you know that they just start eating when I'm ready for bed? I mean, I'm exhausted, and people are just now heading into the restaurants to eat. (Of course, it is 6 PM here).

And, what is it about me that tells everyone on the street to stop me and ask for money? I'm not just talking about homeless people, because I'll give change if I have it in my pocket. But the CoS was out giving their stress tests, and they stopped me. (To them, I say: FREE KATIE!) And, also some scam out there collecting money for "the crack-dependent children" stopped me. I hate to be a prick, but if I'm going to donate to a cause, then it will be through an organization like the Red Cross, not some guy on the street.

I also travelled down to the Mascone Center, and up Howard Street. I was going to eat at the Thirsty Bear Brewery, but this other place right next door caught my attention: Chevy's Fresh Mex. It's a chain, like On The Border and Don Pablo's, but we don't have one in Toledo, and it was pretty good eats. Had a few XXs with a steak and shrimp fajita. Mmmmm.

Oh, and the hotel that they're putting me up at: The Westin St. Francis. Neat place. Though, there are a bunch of people walking around at the moment in Black Tie apparel. I felt a little out of place with my jeans and sneakers. ;-)