Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Now, I'm the Dork...

Ok, so I spot Carl and Richard checking in. Wanting to give them their space, I just hang back and chill out at a nearby Cabana. But, then I got interested in what was being discussed and totally lost track of them. I look at the escalator, and they're heading down. So, I give chase, sprint the 15 feet to the escalator and then start walking down the stairs.

What do I do? What do I do? Suddenly, almost panicked, I shout "Carl…Richard". What? I'm pretty sure that the script did not say "The out-of-state guy attracts attention to himself." Why did I do that? Well, there was no stopping the situation now. I had to commit. I finish walking down the step to right behind them, and introduce myself.

Suddenly, I get the feeling that their worst nightmare just came true. They are now face to face with that weird live listener stalker dude from Toledo who publishes webcam videos of them on his blog.

"So, you spotted us, eh?" asks the Canadian.

"Yeah," I replied. Say something else. SAY SOMETHING ELSE! Oh, this is awkward.

Carl breaks the silence. "Oh, Jason F. You're that weird stalker guy who has our webcam videos on his blog."

"That's me." What did I just do? Did I really just make my first IRL impression by admitting that I'm a stalker? Even though the last thing that I wanted was to come off as is a psychopath? I can visualize the restraining order now.

As suddenly as it started, I found myself at the bottom of the escalator. They were obviously heading out of the building, and I…well, I had no reason to leave, so I tell them that I'll "catch them later" (do people even still say that?), and start to head towards the other end of the building where the Up elevator is.

"You're going back up?" asks the Canadian, half inquisitive (probably because most stalkers would have followed them to Starbucks), and half relieved.

"Yeah. I just saw the two of you, and wanted to say 'Hi'"

"Ok, see you later."

I am a dork. The end. I wonder if another podcaster is in the need of a stalker fan?