Saturday, October 15, 2005

Trip Back in Time

Toledo. The Glass City. The town that gave you famous names like Danny Thomas, Jamie Farr, Katie Holmes, Aaron Myers (who?), Jim Jackson, Tony Packo's hot dogs, Pink® fiberglass insulation by Owens Corning, and I'm sure a countless other people and things (but I gave up on compiling a list).

Well, now Toledo is providing a glipse back in time. Back to the ugly era that existed only 40 or so years ago. Back to the time of segregation and rioting. That's what Toledo provides today.

I turned on the news at about 7 PM. The top story, well, the entire newscast (it seemed), was about rioting that took place in the afternoon.

I knew that a neo-Nazi group was coming to town to demonstrate, because of some alleged black-on-white crimes in a North Toledo neighborhood. Bob Frantz, a local radio broadcaster, had suggested that people should pull out rainbow colored signs when the neo-Nazis were marching, and make it seem like a gay-pride parade. But, it seems that the march never took place. And now, Toledo is in a state of emergency with a city-wide curfew in effect.

Amazingly, the Toledo Wikipedia page has already been updated to include information on the "2005 Toledo Riots":

On October 15, 2005 a National Socialist/Neo-Nazi group planned to conduct a permitted rally and march in Toledo to protest what the group claimed was the mistreatment of whites by black gangs. As approximately two dozen neo-Nazis assembled, protestors began throwing rocks at police and the Nazis. The neo-Nazis were escorted out safely as the mob continued their riot by overturning a car, looting storefronts in the area and also looting then setting ablaze at least one vacant duplex apartment. Mayor Jack Ford, who had tried to neutralize the Nazi rally by calling the date a "Day of Peace," condemned the riots as "just what the Nazis wanted" and set an 8 PM cerfew and declared a state of emergency. At least six protestors were arrested.[1]

Yes, the neo-Nazis are idiots, and they got exactly the type of response that they were hoping for. But, they don't represent the views of this caucasion author (and probably 100% of the people that I associate myself with).

However, the gangs and other minority participants were way out of line with their behavior. Every local news station covering the event also showed footage of their own vehicles being absolutely demolished. There was even footage of a mob of people destroying an ambulance. An ambulance!

Even at this moment, the "Toledo Riots" has the #1 headline on

I think I would be much happier if the news coming out of Toledo was still about petty topics, like Martin Holmes finally going on the record about being upset with Tom Cruise for knocking up Katie. Supposedly, Marty wants Tom to make Katie an honest woman by getting married ASAP. Not sure if that fixes anything there, papa Holmes, because I don't know if a Scientology wedding is recognized as being legitimate to the Catholic Church. If it makes it right in your mind, though, well, maybe it's a step in the right direction.