Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tablet PC

Jon Box mentions on his blog that the Tablet PC is surviving, and then pitches the Tablet PC Partner Program.

Here's my take on why this technology has not just exploded:

I don't have the funds for multiple devices. My employer doesn't have the funds for multiple devices (or, stated more accurately, will not fund multiple devices). So, as a developer, when I buy a machine to work on, it has to be powerful, because I only get one chance every couple of years to upgrade.

Tablet PCs have the perception of being more similar to a PDA than a laptop (processing power is sacrificed in favor of battery life). And they're pretty expensive for what they are. Given a limited budget, I'm going to have to favor the more powerful laptop for about the same money rather than the less powerful Tablet.

Don't get me wrong--I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAVE A TABLET PC. There are times where that form factor would be perfect. But, there's no way that my employer or I will be purchasing one for me anytime soon. And that's too bad, because I'm a huge fan of the whole mobility concept.

Now, if a manufacturer would like to send me one to evaluate and/or review, then I would be most happy to discuss. ;-)