Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have to play the lottery now....

I drink Diet Pepsi, and occasionally some good ol' Mt. Dew. Good thing. I've been entering those codes under the bottlecap for the "Every 10 Minutes" contest, and received the following notification today (and also logged into the site to verify):

Congratulations you are the winner of the 10/xx - xx:xx Xbox 360 sweepstakes brought to you by Mountain Dew.

You will receive your Xbox 360 before it’s available in-stores and will need to provide a signature when it’s delivered. The Xbox 360 is being released later this year in 2005, once the delivery date is confirmed we will post it in your account history so please check back periodically.

In the meantime, during the next few weeks be on the look out for a Party in the Box package from Mountain Dew and Xbox, which includes Hats, T-Shirts, coupons, invitations and more.

Congratulations and Thank you for participating in the Every 10 minutes sweepstakes

I never win anything! This is pretty cool. Mega-Millions is up to 77MM tomorrow. I think I'll buy a ticket.