Monday, October 31, 2005

Screw You, Mr. K-Mart Sales Man

Did you know that K-Mart used to be where you picked up personal computers? Really!

I just had a flashback to my youth, circa 1983, give or take a few years. I remember that K-Mart sold Commodores and maybe even Ataris. They also used to have a coin-op arcade. Very different from today's bankrupt K-Mart that now somehow owns Sears.

So, while my mother shopped around, I would head back to the 'Lectronics section where the Commodore 64's would be powered on to the READY prompt

Yeah, that's going to sell a customer on buying this machine. Look, it shows a pretty blue screen with a flashing box!

So, I would always try to help out by creating a program on the spot. Pro Bono, even! I don't recall what the programs would do exactly, but it was surely more interesting than the READY prompt.

Well, this prick of a salesman would always come over, say "These are for sale. They're not toys", and power-cycle the C64. Did he not know the err of his ways?

Now that this memory has been released from the very depths of wherever memories are kept for 25 years (give or take), I can finally say: Screw you, Mr. K-Mart Sales Man working in Lima, Ohio in 1983! I was doing you a favor, yo.

We now resume normal programming....