Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ghost Hunters

There are a couple of television shows that I personally don't miss each week. One is LOST on ABC, and the other is Ghost Hunters on SciFi.

Just this week, I received a belated present: the first season of GH on DVD. Now I can finally free up about 30 GB of hard drive space on my HTPC that has held those episodes all this time.

One interesting thing that I never noticed before: The Race Rock lighthouse (Episode 104) is also off the coast of New London, CT (home of Carl Franklin, as well as the shipyard that builds our Navy's nuclear submarines). I had previously blogged about another lighthouse in New London that the TAPS team visited in season 2, but never picked up on this fact for Race Rock until I watched the DVD.

Oh, and the internet makes it truly easy to find out where just about anyone lives. For instance, TAPS fans, here's Jay's house with the old TAPS HQ (a trailer) in his front yard: