Wednesday, January 11, 2006

HanselMinutes Podcast

Today was the debut of Scott Hanselman's HanselMinutes Podcast, a Pwop Production.

Scott's always fascinating to listen to. Rory described Scott's style the best with the following:

Scott could get up in front of you, talk for an hour about beavers, and you’d probably walk away satisfied even though the talk’s title was “Obscure ASP.NET Errors That Only Scott Has Encountered”).

So, in this debut episode, you get a taste of everything that we've come to know Scott for: tools, tips, and cool technology.

For example, one tool that I was generally unaware of was TimeSnapper. Being a consultant, I am responsible for recording my time in different "buckets" for all of the various clients and projects that I'm assigned to at any one time. Well, if I forget to record my time at the end of the day (or sometimes, over the course of several days), I find it hard to remember exactly which projects I worked on, and how much time I spent.

Up until now, I've been using my email as a memory tickler, checking to see what I sent and what I received on any one day. TimeSnapper will be another tool to help me to fulfill my weekly time entry requirements.

What it does is periodically (user-defined interval) takes a screenshot of your system, and saves it to a file. You can then go back to any date/time that it was running and see what your screen looked like at that point in time.

Thanks for the tip, Scott!

(Now that I've typed this, maybe TimeSnapper is going to be a double-edged sword, because I can see how much time is spent on non-client work)