Friday, September 01, 2006

When Marketing Plays with Version Numbers

What confusion could possibly arise out of allowing a marketing department establish the framework version number?

The invention of a "vNext" versioning scheme kind of tells me that nobody really knows for sure what's going on with framework version numbers or product release cycles inside of MS.  I mean, ADO.NET 3.0 was supposed to be part of the version 3 .NET Framework (along with LINQ), which is why it had the "3.0" after it.  But, now it seems that there will be a whole set of APIs that will have to skip the 3.0 version number in order to catch up with the framework version when (if) marketing ever decides what the next version number should be.

All of this started as an effort to minimize confusion that they thought would arise from having WinFX be a separate library from the .NET Framework.  Keep it up, guys!  You certainly minimized global confusion with that move.

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