Saturday, September 30, 2006


NWNUG'ers: I'll probably publish the NWNUG Introduces... Delegates screencast and article to the user group web site later this week. I'm still thinking about what format I want the followups to these presentations to be. Definitely an article format instead of just the PowerPoint slide deck, but still debating on the whole screencast thing (bandwidth and all).

If you attend the group, but missed the last meeting on 9/26, then what I'm referring to is a new Intro-level mini-presentation (30 minutes or less) that we're going to try to have at the start of each meeting. The artifacts from this presentation will then be made available on the website for future reference.

My new favorite Delegate trick (courtesy of Dustin, who raves about it just about every time that we get together):


Console.WriteLine qualifies as an Action delegate! The result is that you can dump out an entire collection to the console with one line of code.