Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Internet Explorer: RTL Address Bar

I love the "CTRL-ENTER" shortcut in Internet Explorer. 

That is, if you want to go to a www dot com website, like for instance, just type Microsoft in the address bar, and then press CTRL and ENTER at the same time.  The "Microsoft" will be wrapped with "http://www." and ".com".

Well, every now and then, I would mistype the CTRL-ENTER part, and the contents of the address bar would shift to be right-aligned (for Right-to-Left reading).  I could never figure out what keys I pressed, because it would always happen so fast.

This morning, I finally figured it out.  CTRL-Right Shift (the one right under the ENTER key) will shift to RTL reading order, and CTRL-Left Shift will return to LTR reading order.  Note that there's also a right-click context menu on the address bar combo box that allows you to do the same thing. 

Now I don't have to assume that my laptop is possessed by mischievous demons.

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