Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Listen to Me on The Where Clause

Last night, I was interviewed on Chuck Boyce's podcast called The Where Clause (along with Rushabh Mehta).

It was a technically challenging interview because we used Skype. Due to the way that his recording rig was set up, all audio from the Skype conference was sent to all participants. This means that my voice would echo back to me at about a 1/4 second delay (I had to remove my headphones whenever I spoke). So, there were some awkward pauses and times where I kept talking over Chuck when he would ask me a question.

Also, in listening to the playback this morning, I noticed that the way that Skype handles dropped UDP packets is that it keeps playing the last packet until a new one comes in. The result is kind of a stuttering effect (my Wi-Fi connection at home was a little weak last night back in the bedroom where I was located). Or, at least I don't think that I normally stutter!

It was a good time, and I look forward to being back on the show (maybe Chuck will find a different way to record Skype, or we could each record local audio and he could edit in the tracks using Audacity or something).