Monday, May 15, 2006

Shoutz Out

I've got a few Narcissism feeds on Bloglines. I'm sure that other people do, too. These are simply links to RSS versions of Google searches, etc, for my name or URL. That way, if someone posts something about me, I can find it (usually within hours of their post).

I've created comments before to someone's blog post, and they were like, "Wow, I can't believe that you read my blog!" And I'm like, "Well, I only read it when you write about me...." Sorry!

So, using this fact, a blog could be used as a simple (and public) way to convey a message to someone instead of using email.

For instance, if I want Chuck Boyce to read any post, all that I need to do is include the words "SQL Server" and he'll find it. (Hi Chuck).

I'm sure Bill Wagner (Effective C#) does the same, though I'm pretty sure that he subscribes to my blog anyways.

Rory Blyth, Scott Hanselman, Carl Franklin (Pwop Productions), Robert Scoble, Miguel Castro: How's it going, guys?

Now all I have to do is watch my statcounter to see who finds this post based on their names (Yeah, I certainly lead a fun-filled life)... We now return to our regular programming...