Monday, June 27, 2005

Feedburner Now Active

I'm trying out Feedburner for my blog's syndication: provides an ATOM feed automatically (which Feedburner then consumes), but I get no stats with that. If you currently subscribe to my old feed, please update to use the new Feedburner feed (look for the XML link in the sidebar).

I have no idea at the moment if anyone using news aggregators even read my blog. Most of the traffic that I'm aware of comes from the major search engines.

I admit that my readership is likely very low, but I still write as if some time in the future, I'll get a lot of people wanting to read my past thoughts on various subjects. I think that this is the hallmark of a good blogger, especially one trying to establish a foothold in readership numbers--envision who your audience is, and then write for that audience, even if it does not exist today.