Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Carl Franklin Songs: Oldies

So, [obligatory Redmond introduction] I was going through my basement this evening, and came across the box of stuff that I've kept since we moved offices a couple of years ago. In the box was my copy of Visual Basic 4.0 Internet Programming by none other than Carl Franklin.

What I was most interested in was the CD, because I remembered that Carl had included a couple of audio tracks along with the book's data, and I had only listened to the CD once before sometime around 1997. As a regular listener of Toy Boy (i.e., at the beginning and end of every DNR episode), I've gained a certain appreciation for the Sounds o' Franklin.

Anyways, the CD includes three tracks: St. James Infirmary, Bear, and The Last Steam Engine Train. As a beginning guitarist myself, who still finds it hard to go from a G to a D without pausing whatever song I'm struggling to play, I'm absolutely amazed at Carl's abilities when I listen to The Last Steam Engine Train. But, I think of these three, I like Bear the best, which Carl notes as being an original.