Monday, June 20, 2005

Dot Net Rocks! The Movie

Just finished watching the Dot Net Rocks! 2004 DVD ($15 shipped from Franklins.NET). As a newly established regular listener of the show, I found it absolutely worth the small price.

Think of the DVD as a way of introducing you, the DNR listener, to the DNR hosts and guests using Video (in order to put a face with the name). The DVD switches between the triple view of the taping of show #69 (interviewing Richard Campbell) alternating between Rory, Carl, and Richard (in his pre-host days). In addition, there are scenes inserted from Tech*Ed 2004 and some gathering (Devteach?) that Carl went to in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In a funny, but related story, we were watching TV this past Saturday, and my wife does her normal channel surfing during the commercials of whatever regular channel she was watching. All of a sudden, I catch a glimpse of Rory Blyth on my TV. I order her to stop ("please, can we watch this, sweety? Pretty please....") and watch that channel for a little bit. Come to find out, the DNR staff (Carl and Rory, with Nick Landry and maybe someone else that I didn't recognize yet) was at Ceasar's hotel in Las Vegas, I'm assuming for some conference event. The reality show on A&E called Ceasars 24/7 was filming, and did a segment of the bunch of nerds!

I had heard a brief mention about an A&E special on DNR, but I haven't listened to all past episodes yet, so I didn't know any details. It was really cool that I stumbled upon it randomly thanks to the impatience of my wife and her channel speed-surfing abilities.

UPDATE: After reviewing my blog stats today, I notice that a link to this post is being passed around in an email.... hmmm. I welcome my new readers, and hope that you take the time to check out the rest of the blog.