Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shrinkster Helper

As I listened to the live Mondays show last night, I realized that there's something about trying to keep up with all of the Shrinkster URLs while listening to a live feed (i.e., you can't pause it) that was a little overwhelming. I mean, in reality, it's only a matter of remembering three characters, but I found myself typing in "h t t p : / / s h r i n k s t e r . c o m / " and then trying to remember the three letters for the URL.....

I made a recommendation this morning to Kyle, who took it as a valid suggestion, to offer a launching page from Shrinkster where you only need to type in the unique part and click a button. It wouldn't need a round-trip to the server, because the browser could spawn a new window. Something like the following:


[title]Shrinkster Launcher[/title]
[style type="text/css"]
.code {font-family:monospace;font-size:small;}



[span class="code"][/span]

[input class="code" type="text" id="suffix" name="suffix" size="5"
maxlength="5" /]

[hr /]

[input type="submit" id="clicky"
onclick="'' +
document.getElementById('suffix').value, 'ShrinksterURL')"
value="Launch" /]


Note: I had to translate the angle brackets into square brackets because I gave up trying to fool Blogger. If you want to use this code, just replace all "[" with "<" and replace all "]" with ">".