Friday, May 13, 2005

.NET Rocks!

Yeah, I know, it's 112 episodes into the series at this point, but I've been listening to old episodes of Carl Franklin's .NET Rocks! internet radio talk show focusing on .NET technologies (thank you MSDN for putting all of the first 100 episodes on the spring DVD). I find Carl pretty entertaining, as well as the collection of regulars and featured guests that participate. I was already familiar with Carl's work as the author of Visual Basic 4.0 Internet Programming, which is one of the few technical books that I actually own. Since it's VB4 technology, that's kind of dating myself a little bit (but not as much as stating that I used VB3 professionally for a year or more before VB4 came out!).

Great way to make it through a monotonous workday, as well as being introduced to the major players in the .NET world (whether employed by MS or not).