Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Coderoom 2

Episode 2 of The Coderoom is now out. I watched it on TheServerSide.NET, who was the first to host it. In this episode, a group of developers must make a bluetooth-enabled application to more or less simulate interaction that a shopper might have in a shopping mall (i.e., be able to view specials going on in the stores via your phone).

The show gives face-time to Rory Blyth, who serves as the MSDN dude that accompanies each episode (or at least, that's been the trend so far). Rory was the co-host of .NET Rocks for 50 episodes, but got too busy when he started working for The Man, and had to relinquish his title!

And speaking of TheServerSide.NET, I just found this site today. My company, which is primarily a Java shop, has sent out broadcast emails before referring to content on TheServerSide.COM. I glanced over that site, and had wished that there was a .NET equivilent, especially since you can get free ebooks, etc. Come to find out, there is an equivilent, just a TLD away!