Wednesday, October 27, 2004

WinTV PVR 150

I took a leap of faith and ordered a WinTV PVR-150MCE today. This is the newest card in the WinTV PVR series, and is comparable to the PVR-250 (the standard workhorse in the HTPC market). It uses a newer chipset (Conexant -416), so a lot of PVR software is not compatible (like, I don't think at the time of this writing that MythTV would support it). But, it looks like GB-PVR will support it at least in the next release, if it doesn't already.

The card has the FM Tuner (I'm thinking Tivo for Radio, so I can listen to Bob-and-Tom later in the day), Composite and S-Video In, TV Tuner, and L/R Audio In.

I picked up the card for about $75 from PCAlchemy. I like this supplier because of their pricing and the fact that they accept PayPal. I chose UPS Ground shipping for $8 more, and should expect to see it about the middle of next week. Stay Tuned!