Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ashlee Simpson fallout

Last night on SNL, Ashlee Simpson was busted for lipsync'ing her performance. Actually, a technical snafu started playing the wrong song, and she became the best tranquilatist because her mouth wasn't moving, but yet she was still singing.

Normally, I wouldn't care one way or another, except that this will probably put an end to the Britney Spears-created trend of having good looks and an intensive dance routine trump the ability to consistantly sing when needed to. Even I could probably put together a compilation of decent sounding songs with enough studio time and post processing, but would people want to pay to hear me perform live? Most definitely not.

I think this is a historic moment in the overrated, overpriced world of the recording industry.

Captures of the performance can be found on

Contemporary Insanity Audio/Video Zone


Oh, and the real reason that I included this rubbish in my blog is because I missed the performance. In my right-old two-and-a-half score age, I find myself asleep long before SNL starts. That's why I need Tivo or ReplayTV. I personally can't do Tivo because we only use cell phones in my family. ReplayTV can sync guide data through a broadband connection, so if I ever decide to pay for a DVR and service, I guess that I'll need to use RTV.

But, then again, MythTV sounds very appealing. I'm going to research this more, and will post findings here. Linux in general intrigues me because it's different. But, every time that I load it up and play with it, I'm left very disappointed at how far the GUI's still need to go in order to become more user friendly, like my pal and breadwinner Windows. Though, for a specialized application like MythTV, the actual GUI is specialized, so it is probably a great fit.