Tuesday, October 26, 2004

CBS News Does It Again

I've tried to stray away from active political commentry in this blog, but damn does CBS piss me off. The current allegation being circulated is that this week's hot story about missing explosives in Iraq was planned to be aired on October 31 [edit: corrected date] by CBS, right before Americans headed for the polls in the presidential election.

As we found out, this is really old news. The cache of explosives was actually missing from the site before the 101st Airborn got to the site (of course, the liberal media and the Kerry campaign continue to distort this fact, and make it seem like our Army was supposed to be guarding the stuff, and someone fell asleep on the job and allowed 350 tons of explosives to be trucked away).

Luckily, the NY Times screwed up and "broke" the story earlier than what CBS planned. The people were given the opportunity to actually verify facts before making a hasty ill-informed decision that may have changed the election outcome.

In my opinion, CBS's motives border on being criminal. Though lives were never at stake, their motives were the very same as the Madrid bombings--to create an atmosphere of panic in order to attempt to sway an upcoming election.

Just one more reason why CBS's credibility is continuing to go down the crapper. And you would have thought that they would have learned from that Dan Rather Memogate fiasco.