Monday, February 27, 2006

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Greg Huber and I have a few more Media Center Presentation's lined up:

Feb 28, Northwest Ohio .NET User Group -

March 23, Central Ohio .NET Developers Group-

Will this be the year of the Home Theater PC (HTPC)? Come learn about Windows Media Center 2005 and decide for yourself. Topics covered include: Overview of Media Center, Alternatives to Media Center, The 10-foot Experience, Developing for Media Center, and using the Xbox 360 as an Extender.

Come check 'em out if you get a chance!

Disclaimer: Blatently plagerized from Greg's post!

I'm really digging this tag-team presentation style. It lets one person have a little bit of downtime to mentally prepare for their next part while the other person does their thing.

Greg and I still do post-mortems and refine the presentation every time that we do it: we watch the audience and make note of where people were falling asleep, and then decide to either improve that section of the agenda, or drop it altogether. And, of course, we've made it part of the show to make an actual sacrifice to the Presentation Gods (hoping that this gesture somehow makes the gremlins go into hiding).