Monday, June 04, 2007

Tech Ed: Day 1

This morning's keynote was... just okay. As is typical with Microsoft keynotes, there was a Hollywood theme to the presentation that kept introducing itself, and this year's theme was Back to the Future. They actually had the Delorian and "Doc" (Christopher Lloyd) there on stage with Bob... That was the highlight of the morning, IMHO. If you slept through the keynote, just watch the beginning of it online, and you'll be caught up. ;-)

This morning, I've been walking around the convention center to get a handle on how things are layed out. I stopped by the INETA booth and talked with Chris (Pels) and Nancy for a little while, and then Nancy introduced me to Kate Gregory (super nice lady from east of Toronto).

The wi-fi here seems to be a bit spotty, not so much the signal strength, but just getting an address. I'm forced to compose this blog post from one of the CommNet terminals.

On to lunch and then a tour of the Expo hall...