Monday, May 14, 2007

VirtualPC Console Not Displaying

For the past several weeks, I've had a problem with VirtualPC.  Whenever I started the program, I would see it running in the taskbar, but the console itself would not show up on the screen.  Luckily, I could still start all of my VPC images using the context menu of the task item.

Today, I finally looked for a cause, and found it. 

VPC stored it's configuration in the following file:

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml

Within that XML file, I found the following node:


<height type="integer">246</height>
<left_position type="integer">4294935296</left_position>
<top_position type="integer">4294935296</top_position>
<visible type="boolean">true</visible>
<width type="integer">359</width>
<left_position type="integer">449</left_position>
<top_position type="integer">329</top_position>
<left_position type="integer">727</left_position>
<top_position type="integer">184</top_position>

Interesting to see the values that were being used for "left_position" and "top_position"... 

4,294,935,296 = 0xFFFF8300

Expressed as a 32-bit signed integer, this is the same as -32,000.  Doesn't tell me anything specific, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Resetting these to 0 fixed the issue.