Sunday, November 12, 2006

OSU - Michigan Week

This is the week!  The annual rivalry between Ohio State and the University of Michigan will be played out on Saturday November 18.  It should be a very interesting game this year, with OSU being #1 in the standings, and Michigan #2 (both teams are undefeated this season). 

But, I have to be honest: that's about all of the sports facts that I know.

For me, this game represents bragging rights for the next year.  Not only among most of my co-workers, who actually live in Michigan by choice (yeah, what are they thinking?), but also between me and my wife, who has always been a Wolverine fan, despite living in the glorious land of scarlet and gray all of her life.

I have one particularly fond memory of OSU-Michigan week.  Back when I had a local office that was 7 miles from my house (instead of the current 80 miles), I also had control over the office infrastructure.  We had one particularly obnoxious U of M alumnus who was brave enough to drive down to Toledo on the Friday before the game.  We'll call this individual Erik, because that's his name.

Erik always makes it his mission to stir the pot, and this Friday was no exception.

We used ISA Server for the office firewall, which allowed me to set up all kinds of little rules.  One thing that I did was create a rule so that every so often, the firewall would refuse to load whatever internet web page that he was trying to get to, and instead take him to a locally hosted "error" page.  The particular page that I created was adorned with OSU-related stuff, and even played the OSU fight song.  Yes, my friend, we Buckeyes pwned him on that day.  DFWN

I've been lucky enough to have bragging rights for the past 2 years.  Let's make it 3 in a row!