Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heartland User Group Webcasts

Upcoming Webcast: November 6, 2006 at Noon EST

Heartland User Group Webcasts
Functional Programming and LINQ - Shifting your object paradigm.

Bill Wagner – Ann Arbor .NET Developers

Join us for technical presentations by experts from around our the user groups in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. In this webcast, Bill Wagner will demonstrate the new language extensions in C# and VB.NET called LINQ.

The language features added for the Orcas release of C# and VB.NET start moving those languages out of their Object Oriented roots into the realm of functional programming. It’s a different way of programming. Rather than designing classes with behaviors and data, you create functions that take data as inputs and produce different data as outputs. That radical shift can lead to much simpler ways to express your designs.

In this session, you’ll see the new syntax in these languages, and how you can leverage those additions to create more concise programs in less time.

Registration: http://msevents.microsoft.com/cui/eventdetail.aspx?EventID=1032314537&Culture=en-US
Event ID: 1032314537

Upcoming Topics:
11/20 – Intro to Workflow. What’s all the Noise About? – Brian Prince, Central Ohio .NET Developers Group
1/8 – Web Services Software Factory – Mike Wood, Cincinnati .NET Users Group