Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Connie Arrives! I initially doubted it, but using a ratchet strap on each side of the handlebar really does hold a bike secure in the bed of a pickup truck. I had some webbing also tied around the rear of the bike, just in case it fell to one side or the other, but it didn't budge.

Know your knots! There's a clove hitch around the hand grip. One end also tied around the handlebar (couple half hitches) just to keep the clove hitch from working loose, and the other end had a bowline. The ratchet strap's hook connected to the bowline. For security, I also tied a rope through the bowline and the webbing of the ratchet strap (in case the hook somehow magically slipped off).

I had to take a 2-step process to get it off of the truck. The first step went from the truck to my front porch. The second step went from the porch to the driveway. (Notice the 2-year old supervisor watching through the window).

Finally got 'er on the ground! One of the front brakes was seized, so I actually removed the caliper, tie-wrapped the pads into place, and pumped the brake to push the pistons out. Then I tie-wrapped the caliper to the front fork. The Connie has 2 calipers for the front wheel, so I still had a front brake (which is good, since I used it exclusively as I rode down the ramps).

I even managed to figure out how the saddle bags are mounted.