Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NWNUG Meeting 3/28/2006: Dustin Campbell

I've got to be honest to my three readers: Greg and I had no clue who was going to present at our next meeting until yesterday. We had a couple of ideas, but no firm commitments.

Then, as Josh Holmes was talking to Mark Miller (Developer Express) the other night, an interesting fact came to our attention: One of the developers who actually works on the CodeRush and Refactor! products lives and works in my town!

After a quick email introduction, and a few other emails virtually begging him, Dustin Campbell agreed to be our speaker on Tuesday evening, March 28th (6:00 PM, HCR Manor Care building, downtown Toledo, Ohio, USA, planet Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, etc).

He agreed to show off two of my favorite Visual Studio add-ins: CodeRush and Refactor! Pro. He will also show the group how they can hit the ground running by building their own DXCore plugin (you don't necessarily need CodeRush or Refactor! to use DXCore).

Dustin will have some time constraints due to his pre-existing schedule, so we will start the meeting promptly at 6PM (and he may have to leave at the Pizza break).

To encourage a good turn out, Greg Huber will be offering one of his Silver Tickets for the prize raffle. This ticket is good for a full MSDN Premium subscription, and I believe that this is the big subscription too with the full Team System Suite. Basically, you can buy a car with the retail value of this prize (but this is a not-for-resale subscription, so you are not permitted to profit from it in any way).

One caveat: We must have 25 people in attendance before the MSDN subscription will be offered up. We encourage you to bring a friend and spread the word!

Also, please be kind and pass on this prize if you already have a MSDN subscription--the goal is to put this software into the hands of developers who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

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