Thursday, December 08, 2005

SQL Server 2005 Editions Comparison

I found the following buried in a document (SQL Server 2005 Product Guide), but I could not locate it on the Microsoft site.

UPDATE: The link was staring me right in the face on the SQL Server homepage! Think of the table below as being a summary for this:

$24,999 per processor
$13,499 (server + 25 users)
$5,999 per processor
$2,799 (server + 10 users)
$3,899 per processor
$739 (server + 5 users)
Fully integrated data management and analysis platform for business critical enterprise applicationsComplete data management and analysis platform for medium businesses and larger departmentsMost affordable and easiest to use database solution for smaller departments and growing businessesFastest way to learn, build and deploy simple data-driven applications
Unlimited Scale and Partitioning1-4 CPUs
Unlimited RAM
1-2 CPUs
3 gigabytes (GB) RAM
4 GB database size
Advanced database mirroring, complete online and parallel operations, and database snapshot

Advanced analysis tools including full OLAP and data mining

Advanced reporting with customized, high scale, and ad-hoc reporting

Advanced ETL with complex data routing and transformation capabilities

Available in native 32- and 64-bit editions*
Database mirroring

Basic ETL

Standard OLAP server with Analysis Services

Standard reporting with Reporting Services

Data mining

Full replication and SSB publishing

Available in native 32- and 64-bit editions*
Management Studio


Limited replication publishing


Back-up log shipping

Basic reporting
Simple Management Tool

Simple reporting

Replication and SSB Client

*Supports Itanium 2 and x64