Sunday, July 17, 2005

My Impulse Buy

I stopped in at the local Guitar Center this evening, and walked out with a Yamaha FG730S. I normally don't buy something without reviewing it in depth beforehand, but, this was different. This was impulsive. And, dammit, this sounds NICE! Especially compared to the no-name that I was previously plucking.

I see that it's a highly rated guitar, but I couldn't tell you anything about it for sure. All that I really know is that I walked out with a Yamaha. But, that's kind of like saying that I went to a car dealership and drove away in a Ford. Was it a Focus, Freestar, F-150, Mustang, or Crown Victoria? No clue, but it sure does drive nice!

My only real requirement that I told the sales guy was that I needed something easy to fret. He gave me this, and I loved it.... Though, I probably would have loved anything that he put into my hands at that moment. We'll see. It was only $300. I'll just eat PB&J for lunch this month.