Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thank you FoxNews

A big Thank You! to Fox News, the first and so far only major news outlet that I read that actually call Terrorist in Iraq "Terrorists" instead of "Insurgents".

Case in point: I'm perusing the various news websites this morning. One of the top headlines is:

MSNBC: 20 dead as Iraq insurgents launch new attacks
CNN: Insurgents kill 12 Iraqi army recruits
CBSNEWS: 20 Killed By Iraqi Insurgents
ABCNEWS: Insurgents Ramp Up Attacks in Iraq
FOXNEWS: Terrorists Kill 19 in Iraq

Mainstream media in the United States has this fear that actually acknowledging the true nature of those perpetrating violence would somehow validate President Bush's choice to invade Iraq. It's pretty clear that al'Qaeda is running the "insurgency" in Iraq. It is so refreshing to see a news outlet call it what it is.