Friday, August 04, 2006

Another NWNUG Blogger

I had lunch yesterday with Dustin Campbell from Developer Express, and we talked about the fact that he was perhaps the last technical person in this section of the Milky Way Galaxy to have a blog. Heck, even my mother has a blog.

His boss, Mark Miller, owns a pretty clever domain name: Do It With .NET ( I mentioned to Dustin how funny it would be if "Did It With .NET" was also available. Well, turns out that it was!

Immediately after lunch, Dustin jumped at the opportunity and purchased the domain name. Then he signed up for ASP.NET hosting with Webstrike Solutions, who we use for chiefly because the first 12 months of hosting is free. After a few glitches with their server, I was able to install the latest build of DasBlog (1.9.x), and now he's off and running:

Dustin is always working at really low levels in the CLR. I hope that he will start to report little things that he finds, like when Microsoft changes the meaning of certain HRESULT values in their APIs, etc. He had a good idea for a little behind-the-scenes series on LINQ, too, that he could write about.