Thursday, March 16, 2006

Meeting Miguel Castro

Tonight, I officially met Miguel Castro at the GANG user group meeting. He's an INETA speaker, and was presenting on WebControls. I say "officially", because it just so happens that a few weeks ago, I was introduced to Miguel via email through Josh Holmes when I had some related questions.

As part of that email conversation, I naturally had to show him a couple frames that I captured last fall when Carl, Richard, and Geoff was on the DNR Roadtrip:

Miguel's response in email was "How in the world did you ever capture that? I was chatting with Carl at the time, and said that Geoff looked like a cross between Yanni and the Unabomber". Hence, the reason for the second picture:

Well, tonight, we were at dinner together after the meeting. I bring up the story about the "Geoff looks like a cross between...", and Miguel asks me for my email address, because he has a "friend" that built an application to capture all of the DNR webcam frames.

I simply stuck out my hand, and said "Hi! I'm your friend. Glad to meet you." Suddenly, he put two-and-two together and realized which Jason I was! ;-)